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Wow, I can't believe I forgot about this website. I have spectaular new at least. The next day after that last entry I left I started dating a very close and good friend of mine. His name his Ashton. We've almost in together for a whole year now. I'm also not working at the Deli anymore. Instead I'm working at Starbucks. It's a lot nicer there. Still in my crappy town but that's gonna change with some time and effort. I'm definitely in a lot better place now and I can continue work on here. I learned nothing about HTML or CSS in the time I was gone so... you know, bear with me. Or is it bare? Whatever. Anyways, I have decided to turn this website into my new hub for Oblivion modding. I've been actively working on not only making mods but also reviewing them too! Some other stuff will probably be happening on here too, but it's the mods I'm really excited about. Anyways, stay tuned!

6/19/2019 - Dead End

I feel stuck here in this small town. We moved here a few years ago and I thought I'd be here forever. I tried to adjust to it but I never really felt completely alright with it. We moved here when I started high school. I hated it. I met a girl named Ashley and I thought we'd be together for ever but she broke up with me just this December a bit before Christmas. Not only did that send me down a spiral, but I think it made me realize she was the last good thing about this part of town. About the town in general. Nothing else is really tethering me here anymore. I don't have the money to up and move myself. I still live with my parents. They're good people to let me stay with them for this long. Maybe they might wanna move to? To go to a place like where we used to live with culture and the rest of our family would be so much closer. I've been thinking about this for a while. I hate my job too. I got a new job at a Deli and it makes me feel like a disgusting grease person. It's disgusting in there and I feel so depressed. There aren't a lot of options in this town. I could go to a new place and try new stuff. I have half a mind to talk to them about it. They said before they a least wanna stay until I finish college, and I did. Maybe now that the breakup happened there's nothing left to keep me here? I'm just imagining how nice it would be to start again.

5/28/2019 - Finding Work

Today was a busy day for this nerd.