Akaviri-Kenshin! A Place for nerds! Kenshin

Welcome to my website. I'm Akaviri-Kenshin or just Kenshin if you'd prefer. Or just Akaviri? I don't really care. I'm a 20 year old college graduate looking to use the technology at my fingertips and love for Japanese media as my creative outlet in these trying times.

What this is

This is still an early version of this website. I am still trying to learn the basics of HTML and CSS to try to make a neato website. I'm off to a decent start but I've still got a long way to go before I get something that will be ideal for me. I'm passionate about anime, RPGs, and modding. Right now I'm trying to create an updated version of an Oblivion Mod called XEO, which gives all NPCs and Races an anime-esque apperance. The previous versions of this mod are alright, but not quite up to snuff with the current state of Oblivion modding so I aim to fix all of that with my personal version. I'll provide a link to it after my updated version is completed.

When I'm not at work I'm watching anime, listening to music, modding Oblivion, or (as of recently) working on this website. I consider this version 0.1 right now. I'm just a cashier at a dollar store right now. I've had to battle with bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression for most of my life and I'm just now really starting to fight back at it. I need an outlet and this website is probably going to be where I express myself creatively.